In spite of a very difficult summer I am very pleased with my allotment produce.

My autumn raspberries have excelled themselves and taste divine. A good crop of apples too and are just about ready for harvest.

I hope for those who bought the Mini munch cucumber plants that they had as good a crop as I have had. They stalled slightly in the heat but came back and are still producing nice wee cucumbers.

Charlotte potatoes cropped well again this year but my main crop were slug damaged but still make for excellent eating, especially roasting in duck fat!

My blackberries have also been a great hit with excellent sized fruits from very early on. More still to come. Blueberries cropped well also.

My gins went down a storm with all who tried them. I am making some more raspberry gin for Christmas.

Spent the other weekend harvesting elderberries for my son to make elderberry and port jelly and hopefully some elderberry liqueur (supposed to taste similar to port, time will tell).

I’m afraid I had to crush a few more of those lily beetles this summer but I can’t stand to see my lilies suffer. Never mind. See you.


Denise Kovarovic