Oldroyd’s Rhubarb Farm /Wakefield’s Festival of Food, Drink and Rhubarb
Saturday, 22nd February 2020

Our first visit of 2020 is to Oldroyd’s rhubarb farm in the Rhubarb Triangle of Yorkshire where, after a fascinating talk by Janet Oldroyd (the high priestess of rhubarb!), we will be taken behind the scenes and into the large windowless barns which are the forcing sheds. The rhubarb crowns are lifted from the fields after the first frost and planted in the warmed, darkened sheds lit only by candlelight where, deprived of food and light, the root is forced to grow stalks and leaves. This is a process which happens so quickly you will be able to stand in silence and listen to the squeaks and pops of the growing rhubarb. After the tour which lasts approximately two hours, the coach will drop us off in Wakefield for free time at the Rhubarb Festival. Come and learn about the history of rhubarb and hear the rhubarb growing! You really can!

The cost for the day, including the tour of Oldroyd’s , visit to Wakefield and the coach, will be £23.

If you would like to go on this trip, please complete the booking form enclosed in your  newsletter and return it to Helen Staniforth.

There has evidently been immense interest in the trip nationwide and the club is very lucky to have secured a booking – please support the club.

More trips to come.

Helen Staniforth