chairFrom the Chair December 2015

The year certainly seems to fly by, it seems no time since I sat down to write a piece for the last newsletter.

A couple of months ago I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a telephone call from a Mr James White. He told me that whilst visiting George Elliot hospital he was talking to a nurse and established that they were both from Burbage, the conversation then went on to the baskets that are around the village, the nurse was Dave Tilley’s granddaughter. To cut a long story short after speaking to Dave Tilley Mr White called me to say that he wanted to congratulate the club on the hanging baskets as they make such a difference to the village.

I have received an email from Sketchley Hill School asking if there is a member of the club who would be interested in working on the school garden for a few hours each week, involving some of the schoolchildren, this will be paid position, details of the email are included later in this newsletter. If you are interested please contact the school directly.

Last year just before the Burbage Community Arts Festival in May I was contacted by Laurence Wilkins to ask if there was anyone in the club who would be interested in demonstrating planting hanging baskets during the afternoon in Pugh’s Paddock, they had been let down at the last minute by someone. Unfortunately due to the short timescale I was unable to find anyone. However, if a member of the club is interested in doing this in 2016 please can you let me or a committee member know and we can contact Laurence. I was told last year that there is a budget for the plants etc. so there will not be any personal financial outlay in undertaking this.

We have had quite a variety of speakers during the last 12 months and we do try to have talks that appeal to all members. The programme for 2016 has now been finalised, details for the next few months are included at the back of the newsletter. I do hope that there are some social meetings that will appeal to those members who do not always come along on a Tuesday evening. If you do know of a speaker you feel would be of interest or if there is a particular topic you would like to be covered please let me or a member of the committee have details.

It is subscription time again. Subs do need to be paid by March, if your subscription has not been renewed by then you will no longer receive newsletters or be eligible to use the store.

I would like to wish you all well with your gardens for 2016, do bear in mind the members potato and bean competition when planning your vegetable patch.

Happy New Year
Pat Wood