From the Chair April 2019



Hi there, I’m writing this the first week of March, it’s gone cold & wet but what a fabulous February we had.

I wondered how many of us were tempted out into that unseasonably warm weather. Unfortunately I was suffering from a chest infection but my husband did help me to prune one of our Acers that was heading off into next doors garden, it was a little too late really since it had warmed up, ideally it should be done when it cold & before the sap rises, I think I got away with it. Another that we pruned was the Magnolia Stellata, not ideal I know but it had really outgrown its space, I saved a few branches of each, the maple will be used as my Easter tree & the Magnolia is in a vase of water in the unheated conservatory & I noticed today a bud is beginning to break.

This week saw us host our AGM & it was lovely to see we had such a good turnout.

Please remember it is your club & the committee will be happy to hear of any suggestions of how we
can go forward into the next year.

I’ll sign off for now & wish you happy gardening.

Linda Barratt